Standards-Based Report Cards and Effects on Student Achievement

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dc.description.abstract This dissertation discusses the influence of Standards-Based Report Cards (SBRC) on student achievement, growth, and learning. The dissertation begins with the history of SBRCs and the purpose they have regarding all stakeholders as well as the learning process. Also, the dissertation further delves into the utilization and benefits of SBRCs and their effect on student achievement. The dissertation includes a debriefing on RtI and its purpose, and the inclusion of SBRCs benefits all learners. Finally, the dissertation utilizes data to prove how Standards-Based Report Cards influence all stakeholders and improve a school district providing a clear path to teaching and learning. A standard generic report card provides general information regarding student progress, assessment, and learning. SBRCs provide more insight to skills learned or not yet mastered. A letter grade does not provide the necessary feedback to enhance student learning as they are only an accumulation of points earned and do not communicate the skills learned or mastered. The implementation of SBRCs will further the educational process for all students with clear indicators with the use of rubrics. SBRCs provides clear communication to parents or guardians regarding their child’s progress. SBRCs pinpoint areas of success, as well as areas in need of improvement. Also, they provide meaning to the grades earned by driving instruction to better student engagement while also targeting more rigorous and consistent learning. Another advantage of SBRCs is the use of meaningful feedback. Teachers can use SBRC, indicators, and rubrics to provide parents and students with meaningful and purposeful feedback that will help and encourage students to attain mastery on standards being taught. en_US
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dc.title Standards-Based Report Cards and Effects on Student Achievement en_US
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