A Study of Leadership Practices in Career and Technical Education Programs in Secondary Schools in New Jersey

Stettner-Dutt, Jeanene
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This study examined secondary school leadership practices, implementation strategies, and post-secondary partnerships in New Jersey high schools with career and/or vocational education programs. The goal of this study was to provide the educational community with data and current strategies to enhance leadership to improve curricular programing with the prospect of addressing the growing need to better prepare students for post-secondary success through transitional programming. New Jersey public schools that host career academies, career pathways and/or technical school programs were explored in this study. This study examined school leadership practices and the collaborative practices instituted with businesses, colleges, and universities. The study was designed as a mixed methods research project that collected data, both quantitative and qualitative, via a survey. The survey was distributed to seated administrators in the state of New Jersey who lead Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in their districts. The survey focused on each leader’s view of the importance of collaboration with community partnerships and their reported practice of collaboration with community partnerships. The date collected from the survey was analyzed first through Pearson’s Chi Square to Test of Independence between the reported view and the reported practice of respondents. Following the Chi Square analysis, Pearson’s Correlation was run to test for significant correlation between reported view and reported practice of collaboration. Study results indicated that there is a significant relationship between leaders view and practice of collaboration. The study also indicates that a significant correlation exists between leader’s view and practice of collaboration.