The Impact of Transformational Leadership on School Culture/Climate as it Relates to Staff Inspiration/Motivation

Gadaleta, Michelle V.
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Centenary University
This study supports the notion that transformational leaders, over transactional leaders, produce more effective staff members, supportive school communities, and ultimately higher achieving students. Transformational leaders are relentless about the quality, integrity, and effectiveness of every facet of the position encompassed in daily interactions, weekly plans, monthly monitoring, yearly initiatives, and long-term visions. Reflection and customization to consistently improve and progress using the heart and mind are essential traits of successful transformational leaders. Staff and students perform better under transformational leadership due to the fostered connections by leaders. Teachers under transformational leaders attend more targeted professional development to inform educational practices as a result of their inspired desire to learn. Schools with transformational leaders focus on developing a tripod of support including parents, staff, and students. This study investigated the survey responses from northern New Jersey public school district teachers when asked to respond to thirty questions based on the Leadership Profile Index (LPI). The outcomes presented in this study will benefit leaders and educational institutions looking to make positive change in their school communities. It will support transformational leaders possessing the skills to influence teachers in a manner that impact schools in ways that result in positive outcomes such as inspired teachers and achieving students. Contrary to transactional leadership, this study will affirm that transformational leaders possess the desire to become truly invested in the staff, students, and larger community, which is essential for the building of relationships, a prerequisite of effective leadership.