An Examination of Perceived Effectiveness of Intervention and Referral Service Teams

Nicosia, Michael A.
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Centenary University
The purpose of this study was to examine the perceived effectiveness of Intervention and Referral Services teams in New Jersey Elementary Schools. A review of literature focused on the background of prereferral teams, intervention team description and approach and I&RS in New Jersey. The survey instrument consisted of questions designed to gather characteristics of the respondents I&RS team as well as measure perceived effectiveness. The survey was sent to all elementary principals in New Jersey by utilizing the Department of Education database. 210 individuals replied and results showed a sampling of all job roles. Qualitative methods were utilized to construct a profile of the I&RS team practices and composition in New Jersey Elementary Schools. Qualitative methods were also utilized to complete an examination of teacher perception and administrator perception into their I&RS team. A Fisher test was utilized to examine if there was a difference in perception of the I&RS team based on job role (teacher compared to administrator). Findings from the study concluded that I&RS teams frequently: meet on a regular basis, have an intended outcome of planning interventions for students who are struggling, assist teachers with interventions and utilize a multi-tiered system of support. This research supported that I&RS teams are not often viewed as just a procedural step to access special education.
Intervention and Referral Services, elementary principals, team practices, qualitative, Fisher test, special education