The Effects of Passion-Based Learning on Student Risk Taking and Resilience: A Qualitative Study

Carfley, Andrew M.
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Centenary University
Society is raising a generation of people that are not given opportunities to grow and develop through their failures. This generation has parents that hover over them, clear all obstacles in their path to success, and ensure that all participants receive a trophy. The current society is creating a generation of people that will lack the skills to fail and rebound in social, academic, and professional settings. The purpose of this study was to explore risk taking and resilience attempts while participating in passion-based learning for students in New Jersey Public Schools. The study focused on the internal and external variables that motivate or deter students' risk taking and resilience. This qualitative study was conducted utilizing semi- structured interview questions that were asked of a purposeful sample of New Jersey Public School Teachers and Administrators. This qualitative study resulted in a proven coordination between passion-based learning and student risk taking and resilience. The study detailed student motivation and need to meet expectations as internal variables that affect student academic risk taking. The study also detailed teachers’ unwillingness to relinquish control in the classroom and stressful classroom environments as external factors that hinder student risk taking and resilience. Future studies should include a comparison study of urban, suburban, and rural school settings on student risk taking and resilience while participating in passion-based learning. Future studies should also include an expansion of geographic area including and comparing the different regions of the United States of America.